Share Login

Got friends and family you'd like to share your posts with, but they don't want to use Facebook?

Now you can share your posts with people who are not on Facebook - securely and without any extra effort. They must login to Catalyse, so your posts are not made public.


Don't want to use Facebook but feel "out of the loop", missing things from your family and friends?

Now you can follow your their posts - without needing a Facebook account. You must login to Catalyse, but we do not require you to create a profile with personal details and you cannot share anything.

How does it work?

The Sharer gives permission to Catalyse to read their Facebook posts and make a backup copy. The Follower is then allowed authenticated access to those posts, including any photos that have been uploaded, so the non-Facebook user is able to see them. Only posts shared with Friends and Everyone are visible - lists like "Close Friends" are excluded.